Advanced System Trading Webinar by Subhadip Nandy

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After successful seminars at Kolkata, Mumbai and various webinars, I will be holding my next webinar very soon on popular demand from traders outside Kolkata or Mumbai. This will be a two day event so that all topics are covered extensively plus a few more tricks will be taught. These are not the old moving averages, RSI, ROC etc. where subjective decision is required.  I am  going to teach you specific techniques based on objective rules which you can use in your trading.

My Promise to You

If you attend my Trading webinar I will give you the TOOLS designed to last you a lifetime. My goal is to help you get elevated into the top ranks of traders by using solid, historically valid methods all of which are specific, 100% objective, and straightforward. My promise to you is simple: you will be a much better trader when the seminar is over and you will have learned at least 5 money making skills that will serve you well no matter which markets you trade or in what time frame you trade them.


If you’re sincerely interested in substantially improving your trading results, then I urge you to attend my two day webinar . You’ll have a life-changing experience that, I believe, will vastly improve your bottom line results. On Saturday and Sunday I will teach you 7 highly specific and highly effective methods; and then on Monday you will be able to apply these methods in real time for day trading while you will be also on the lookout for short swing trades. The methods can be applied in cash stocks, F&O , commodities and currencies.  The methods have the ability to capture short term and  intermediate term moves with excellent accuracy.

Here's What You'll Learn

This webinar is for traders who want to VASTLY improve their timing, risk management, trade selection and self-discipline. Everything I teach you comes from our vast experience as traders and system developers in the markets. But you will learn much more than mere systems and methods. Remember that THE WEAKEST LINK is the trader. I will not only teach you systems and methods but I will teach you HOW to develop the self discipline and psychological perspective you will need to be successful in your stock and futures trading. Learn how to day trade, short term trade, and trade options trade with these POWERFUL TOOLS!

This webinar is geared to deliver you maximum amount of information in a short amount of time. We will show you what works and only what works. At the end of each seminar, you will be able to start profiting off the skills you learned. This seminar is not basic, not the normal redundant information that you get every where else,  this will show you exactly what to look for to trade profitably


How to pick perfect tops and perfect bottoms most of the time ( HPRP - High Probability Reversal Patterns)

* Find perfect trades with high probability ratios.

* Learn to evaluate risk and profit potential on a trade.

* Learn the logic behind trends and why the market behaves the way it does.

* Learn our full set of indicators that will allow you to pick the maximum number of tops and bottoms on any timeframe ( real time and end of day).

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to anticipate trend reversals, setup for them and be in the trade before the new trend starts. This is a very powerful skill and the only one which will help you to pick tops and bottoms that every trader needs to know.

Please keep in mind that these trades are huge trades in terms of Risk-Reward ratio . The recent top in Crude in June 2018 has given a 1:15 RR trade

Instrument Year Total Signals Wins Losses Win Rate
Silver 2016 14 11 03 78%
Nifty 2017 11 8 03 72%
BankNifty 2017 8 5 03 62%
TataSteel 2017 7 5 02 71%

How to find and trade explosive breakouts ( EMP)

Breakouts are explosive moves that deliver maximum profits in a quick burst. You will learn all the breakout patterns, indicators to use and scans required for trading breakouts.

* Find explosive setups with high probability ratios.

* Learn to recognize winning chart patterns

* Find low risk, very high reward trades every time.

* Be in the trade before it breaks out and learn how to manage it.

* Learn a unique indicator , the  Explosive Move Predictor (EMP) that will find the breakouts for you.

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to find the breakout trades that pay off handsomely. Maximum return, minimum risk at the minimum amount of time. This is a technique that some traders trade exclusively and do very well with.

EMP is basically a pattern which predicts intraday to a  max two day move.

The following charts show the performance of the EMP pattern on TataSteel from Jan'2016 to March'2018. In the year 2018 , till date ( 20th June) TataSteel has given 9/11 correct trades. Almost all the trades I have posted live on my FB wall.


tata2 t3

State of the Markets ( SOTM)

A robust system which identifies the short term, intermediate term and longterm states of the market. Objective model which helps you to trade through options/futures and help you enter the trade at the right time. The chart below shows the analysis on Nift futures. Same analysis can be done and trades identified in stocks, futures,options and commodities


An absolutely new way to trade real time charts.

While trading intraday charts, the biggest enemy of a day trader is congestion along with time. If a stock stays congested over an hour or so or even more, all indicators and systems start giving whiplashes. So a day trader continuously loses money in a congested market. This new way at looking at real time charts totally removes the element of time. You will the learn this complete trading system to trade real time charts.

* Learn to stay out of congestion markets.

* Learn to find when and where to buy/sell.

* Learn to follow the trade with trailing stoploss.

* Learn where and when to exit.

We will use the models taught to find low risk entries and predict direction for the day, then use a robust real-time model to manage that trade

** This is what we are aiming at :


BONUS : The Intraburst Volatility System to trade BankNifty options on expiry day . Learn which expiries have the highest probabbilities to trade options as a buyer, what option to buy and when, where to exit.


Live trade on twitter on the Intraburst model :

Everything I  teach you will be 100% objective and unhedged. I will leave nothing to your imagination or interpretation. You will leave the seminar with confidence, competence and consistent methods. I will also show you exactly how to manage risks as well as rewards. There are very few seminars that can offer you, and DELIVER, all of the above!

So many seminars teach you methods, but they fall way short of showing you the details of implementation. We’ll show you

* What sets up a possible trade

* What triggers a trade

* How and when to enter your orders

* When to exit

* When to trail stops

* When and how to set profit targets

* How to maximize winning positions

* How to ORGANIZE your trading

* How to reduce errors

* How to increase consistency, and

* How to markedly improve your discipline

Limited Attendance

Attendance will be strictly limited to make certain that we can give every student the attention he or she needs to make this work for you. If you’re serious about becoming a winning trader then we urge you to make your reservation now. This will NOT be one of those large seminars where you’ll be lost in the crowd. We offer you quality attention and solid methods. Space will fill up quickly – so make your plans and reservations now. ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED!

Register Now while Space is Still Available

We strongly suggest that you register as soon as possible. These excellent webinars generally fill up quickly and we cannot make any exceptions since we have very limited space. We will NOT ACCEPT a large number of students in order to assure maximum attention and benefit to all who attend!

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