Hi, I am Subhadip 

I am an Algo/system designer specializing in Indian and  US financial markets. Strategies are based upon proprietary concepts on technical analysis. Quant concepts are blended with technical analysis as and when required.Strategies used primarily consists of alpha generating systems in stocks, commodities and forex. All strategies are developed in-house and use a proprietary position sizing methodology.

Academic interests include quant models, game theory, HFT, effect of polity on financial markets, booms and bursts over the centuries etc. Have had experience as a guide to research projects on financial markets. Appeared on television channels as a financial market expert.

I graduated with Economics with postgrad in Business Management. 18+ years experience as a trader and analyst. Was the Head-Research & Director-Algorithmic Strategies for one of the biggest commodities prop firms in India. Now I am an independent quantitative trader and I also train traders on systematic trading.


Questions ? Email me : quantgym@gmail.com

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